If you want to use the API for free the following limitations apply:

  • Maximum of 30 conversion minutes within 24 hours
  • Maximum upload size per file of 100 MB
  • You need to put a logo of on your website and link it to
  • You are allowed to use only one API key per website/project/company/individual

If you want to use the paid API, the previously mentioned limitations do not apply.

The price of each conversion request depends on the amount of CPU time needed to convert the file(s). A conversion request may contain several input files, so when you convert for example 10 JPGs to 10 PNGs using one conversion request and the conversion of all files takes less than one minute, you pay only one conversion minute.

Input FileOutput FileTime neededConversion minutes billed
1 JPG file1 PNG file< 60s1
10 JPG files10 PNG files< 60s1
10 JPG files10 PNG files and 10 WEBP files< 60s1

Each conversion request costs at least one conversion minute, which can be bought as prepaid packages:

Conversion MinutesPackage PricePrice per Conversion Minute

All prices include taxes where applicable. Files we cannot process are not charged. You will receive a proper invoice upon request.

You can buy the prepaid packages after your free registration here: Buy prepaid API conversion packages. Invoice based contracts are available as well as Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We are one of the fastest file conversion services available with a huge customer base. Our API is using a large and extremely reliable server farm to provide high quality conversions. Please feel free to compare our speed, reliability and conversion quality.

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