Job lifecycle and errors

To better understand how the API works, it is necessary to explain how the lifecycle of a job works.

A job can have one of the following status:

incompleteMissing information to run the job
readyThe job is ready but not marked to be processed yet
queuedThe file is waiting in the queue for being processed
downloadingThe input file you provided is currently being downloaded
pendingThe file is waiting in the queue to be downloaded
processingThe file is currently being converted
completedThe file has been successfully converted
failedThe file has not been converted due to errors

Usually, the focus will be on jobs with a completed or failed status.

When the job has been completed, you can follow the instructions to download the result

In case of a failed job, you will get a failed status. It will furthermore have an errors key, where you can find a more detailed messages on what caused the job to fail. It should look similar to this:

    ... extra information ...
    "status": {
        "code": "failed",
        "info": "The file has not been converted due to errors."
    "errors": [
            "source": "input",
            "id_source": "bc6eb7a7-8c3b-49fe-9216-0eedb2e32361",
            "code": 17,
            "message": "File not found, reasons for this error could be: bucket has incorrect permissions, you sent invalid credentials, or the file is really not there"
    "process": true,
    ... extra information ...

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